Is my suspension failing?

Is my suspension failing?

A healthy suspension doesn't only provide smooth driving, it also improves safety. If you get in a serious accident, a healthy suspension will help to keep all four wheels on the pavement. At the first indication of a suspension problem, you'll want to be proactive about addressing it. At Smith Specialty Automotive, our local mechanics are experts at fixing all types of suspension trouble. When you bring your car to our nearby auto shop, we'll work efficiently to get the problem repaired ASAP and at a fair rate.

Common Signs of Suspension Trouble

In many cases, suspension trouble leads to issues with braking. With a faulty suspension, your vehicle could take significantly longer to arrive at a complete stop after you've begun the braking process. A bad suspension could also create a nose-diving sensation while your brakes are engaged. One of the more common signs of suspension trouble is that your vehicle starts bouncing excessively whenever you drive over any little bump in the road. And if your car has a bad spring, you could hear clunking sounds when you drive on rough terrain. A faulty spring could also cause your vehicle to sit lower in the affected corner.

There are a couple of other signs of suspension trouble to watch out for. For one, a bad suspension could cause uneven tire wear, which could then cause bald spots to develop on your tires. Also, if your shocks have oil leaking out onto them, then they'll probably need to be replaced.

The Bounce Test

A simple test can help you get a better sense of whether your suspension is in poor condition. To start, make sure your car is safely parked and at no risk of rolling. Then go to the front end and use all of your weight to press down on it. Rock it twice and release. Next go around back and repeat this step on the rear. When you let go, your car should only rock two or three times on its own. But if it rocks more than this, it'll be worth having a mechanic take a look at your suspension.

Getting Suspension Repair in Olathe, KS

When you need suspension repair, contact Smith Specialty Automotive at (913) 270-1893 to schedule an appointment. Our reputable mechanics are experts at diagnosing and fixing suspension issues. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: June 17, 2021

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