5 Common Signs of Brake Trouble

5 Common Signs of Brake Trouble

5 Common Signs of Brake TroubleWhen it comes to automotive safety, nothing is more important than a healthy set of brakes. It's crucial that you visit a local auto repair shop if you have the slightest inkling of brake trouble, which is often indicated by the following symptoms. If you choose to delay diagnostics and repairs, you're not only putting yourself at risk of an accident, but also those you share the road with. Remember, it is up to you to keep your car safe, so head to the shop if you encounter any of these issues.

Grinding Noise

One of the most common signs of brake trouble is a grinding noise that occurs as you brake. This indicates that your brake pads are low and are due for replacement. The longer you wait, the worse it will get, and eventually your brake pads will wear away completely, resulting in the frame of the pads rubbing on the rotors or drums, causing even more expensive damage.

Soft Brake Pedal

Does your vehicle's brake pedal seem to rest closer to the floor or is it more easily pushed with less of a response from the brakes? This often means it is time for new brake pads, but a more dangerous problem, such as a brake fluid leak or air in the brake lines, could be the fault.

Vibrating Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels like it is vibrating as you slow your car, there's a good chance that the rotors are warped. The rotors are what the brake pads rub against to create the friction that slows the vehicle. If they are warped it means there is less surface area for the pads to rub against, resulting in increased stopping distances.


Your vehicle should maintain its course when the brakes are applied. If it pulls to the left or right it may mean that there is uneven brake pad wear occurring. However, this could also be a sign of a failing wheel cylinder or contaminants in the brake fluid.

ABS Light

The ABS light is essentially the check engine light for the brakes. The ABS (anti-lock braking) system is outfitted with a number of sensors that can detect low fluid levels and other braking problems. Do not hesitate to visit the shop for proper diagnostics if this light comes on.

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Posted: March 11, 2020

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