Auto Maintenance in Olathe, KS

Auto Maintenance in Olathe, KS and Surrounding Communities

Auto Maintenance in Olathe, KSRoutine auto maintenance is critical for keeping your car in excellent condition. At Smith Specialty Automotive you can expect dealership alternative auto maintenance in Olathe for your vehicle. This means you'll receive the same great service, just at more affordable rates. No matter what your car needs, we can do it at our state of the art shop. To request an appointment for your vehicle give our friendly team a call.

30/60/90K Service

Many auto maintenance tasks are completed during 30/60/90K services, which are automotive checkups that occur every 30,000 miles. During this appointment a tech may perform a number of services that keep the car healthy. This may mean replacing filters, installing new spark plugs, conducting a safety analysis, or installing a new PCV valve, among other tasks.

Belts & Hoses

It is necessary to replace rubber belts and hoses that are found under the hood of your car as they wear down. Cracking, chipping and other signs of trouble should be addressed immediately to prevent more extensive engine damage. We also complete timing belt replacements!

Fluid Flush Services

All cars use a number of specialized fluids to operate their various systems. From time to time these fluids need to be drained and refilled to ensure they are not contaminated, a service known as a fluid flush. For your car we can complete a coolant flush, transmission fluid flush, differential flush, brake fluid flush or power steering flush to keep it running and driving great.

Tune Up

Does your car just not seem to be running quite right? It could be time for a tune up. Many performance issues aren't related to big trouble under the hood, but instead they can be addressed by completing minor maintenance, such as replacing the fuel and air filters or installing new ignition coils. Schedule a tune up if your car's performance is lacking.

Oil Change

Oil changes are critical for overall engine health. We stock a wide variety of oils, both conventional and synthetic, allowing us to perform this integral service for all makes and models. When your car is due, come see us for a fast and affordable oil change in Olathe to keep your engine healthy.

Tire Sales & Services

Tire Sales & Services in Olathe, KSSmith Specialty Automotive offers new tires in Olathe, as well as tire services and custom wheel sales. Visit us for a tire rotation, balancing, tread check, wheel alignment or other wheel and tire services to ensure your car continues to roll with ease.

For professional auto maintenance in Olathe, KS, head to Smith Specialty Automotive. Our crew of professional technicians will ensure that your car is safe and reliable when it leaves our shop following any factory service. Give us a call at (913) 270-1893 to make an appointment or to request more information!

"I have been taking my vehicles to Smith Specialty for at least ten years. They are always beyond helpful when I have car issues. Recently, my vehicle was in the shop multiple days... the guys at the shop helped chauffeur me to work a few times and worked tirelessly on my truck. I am so grateful for a shop I can trust are keeping me safe and doing the job right! Thanks guys!"

"I have been taking my car(s) here for several years and have never had an issue with any service done. The staff is always performing safety checks throughout the car on each visit, even during just a routine oil change. On several occasions they've gone out of their way to consult with manufacturer(s) on items that should be considered warranty, or making sure there wasn't a recall on whatever part is failing, or failed.

There are not many shops that perform quality auto repair/maintenance in addition to great customer service. The staff is VERY friendly and honest up front with major work needing done. I am always given suggestions of what could be done, versus just being told to have a part replaced, or worked on, that really didn't need immediate attention."