Auto Diagnostics and Maintenance in Olathe, KS

Auto Diagnostics in Olathe, KS and Surrounding Communities

Auto Diagnostics in Olathe, KSWhen you experience car trouble of any sort, you must trust a technician to identify and fix the issue right the first time so you don't spend money on unnecessary repairs. At Smith Specialty Automotive, we do that best! By combining the latest automotive diagnostic technology with our techs' years of hands on experience we can pinpoint trouble and get it repaired fast. Give us a call to schedule auto diagnostics in Olathe at the first sign of a problem and we'll have you back on the road in no time.

Computer Automotive Diagnostics

Our shop is outfitted with the latest and greatest computer diagnostic equipment. This technology allows us to detect issues on all foreign and domestic makes and models, even those that just rolled off the assembly line. If you need fast and accurate diagnostics, our team has you covered. Our scan tools read automotive error codes fast and correctly to ensure pinpoint repairs.

Check Engine Light Repair

One of the most common signs of car trouble is the illumination of the check engine light. If your car's light comes on, come see us. Our scan tools will provide an accurate diagnosis of the issue triggering the light, allowing us to quickly fix it.

Common Signs of Car Trouble

Common Signs of Car TroubleThere are many ways to diagnose car problems, and many of them rely on human senses. If you encounter anything odd while driving, such as the following, come see us for proper service.

  • Strange Sounds - Common problems that are detected by sound include low brake pads, which create a grinding noise, or bad engine bearings that result in a knock under the hood.
  • Odors - If you ever smell something weird while driving, head for the shop. For example, a sweet smell may be caused by a coolant leak, while a burning scent could be a sign of clutch trouble.
  • Vibrations - A vibrating brake pedal may indicate warped rotors, but a vibrating gas pedal is often a sign of an exhaust leak. Any shaking or vibrating should be immediately addressed.
  • Pulling - A vehicle that pulls left or right is likely suffering from tire trouble or poor wheel alignment.
  • Leaks - Nothing should ever be leaking from your vehicle. If you spot a drip, head for the shop as low fluid levels could prove detrimental.
  • Performance Issues - If you experience a drop in MPGs, hard starting, a rough idle or an unresponsive gas pedal, it's likely time for a tune up.
  • Dashboard Indicator Light - Aside from the check engine light, your car has many dashboard warning lights. If any of them come on, visit us for proper diagnostics.

Smith Specialty Automotive is your source for superior auto diagnostics in Olathe and the surrounding area. Once we identify the root cause of your car trouble we will fix it in a flash. Give us a call at (913) 270-1893 to schedule quality auto repair in Olathe, KS, with our friendly technicians.

"Bill and Jordan are great! They explain every service completely and keep my car running great. Their prices are fair and upfront."

"You guys are truly the definition of Good Auto shop. Your friendly, professional, and beyond fair on pricing. You guys not only take your customers safety first but also the cost of repairs and time. Not many places follow this line of ethics but, Smith Speciality of Olathe does! You guys have taken care of two of the three cars I own, and with both you guys did beyond excellent job. Electric issues are a pain and sometimes do not show up but as soon as they did on both my cars as soon as I call you, you got them in and repaired the issue. I own an Acura and refuse to take to Acura for repairs why would I when Smiths is trusted, prices are fair, service is amazing and the staff will even crack a smile with you! Thank you guys for being small town minded in a big city w shops that don't care about the people behind the wheel or checkbook, I won't take my car or any of my other cars that belong to family anywhere else but to Smith Specialty! Great job guys, and again Thank you for being mindful of the working folks!"


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